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Hey, hi, I'm back.

The short version is that this website got seriously fucked up somehow, and it took me some time to fix it, but now I'm back. So please continue reading as normal!

The long version is that the website got seriously fucked up somehow, and the problem seemed to stem from the CMS I was using. It was something called ComicCMS, which was pretty functional, but which is also abandonware and thus had no active support network I could turn to. So I decided that the best thing would be to find a CMS that is being actively supported. So now I'm using something called Grawlix, which is quite new - in fact, I think it launched within the last year, after BDK did. So I just had to touch up some HTML to account for the different scripting (I'm so glad I used CSS for this version of BDK, because it meant not much site design was destroyed), and then re-upload the archive. And here we are!

Man, I hope this uploads properly and that Grawlix's blog system supports HTML tags...

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