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I don't really take vacation days from work. I go to Anthrocon, but my normal weekend is Friday and Saturday, so I only end up taking an extra three days off to cover the period from that Thursday to Monday. So sometimes, I need to take a vacation from something, and this week feels like a time to do it. My weekend was not very relaxing for me, and it's been a stressful time at work recently. And that stressful time is by no means over yet; the coming week at least is going to be more of the same. So I'm going to cut out one responsibility this week. Give my brain a chance to relax, and maybe spend a bit more time that I usually do preparing BDK stories.

Follow me on Twitter for non-BDK tomfoolery and maybe the occasional Super Mario Maker level. I've been tinkering with a couple of my older ones, but I should probably make something new at some point.

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