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Sorry for the rather copy/paste comic today. I was in an inexplicable bad mood when I drew it. Just pissed off with everything , with a headache, and also hungry. I just wanted to be unconscious until it passed. It sort of made me wonder if that was why people drink, and if so, I feel sorry for those people who feel that was so often that they have to drink all the time.

Also, I've discovered that The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is kind of a bad game. I had the Wii version, but never put much time into it. I thought maybe playing it with the motion controls excised would be a better experience, but it turns out that I just plain don't like the way it plays. I hit a point where I had to get three enemies close enough around me that my AOE attack could hit them all, but it seems like they all have AI that keeps them from pursuing you too far. So it became a tedious exercise in trying to find the sweet spot where all three of their pursuit-ranges overlapped.

I decided the better use of my time was to save and quit.

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