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Hey, thanks for your patience as I've been delayed these past few days. Let me blog a bit.

My routine over the past year or so has been to write each week of BDK on Sunday morning, at work. I start work at 5 AM, and on Sundays, not much happens. However, a lot happens over the previous two days, which were my days off. Especially Saturday. As a result, I spend the first hour or so of Sunday putting the place back together. But then I have 90 minutes to two hours of downtime, which is where I could pull out my tablet and get some scripts done.

Last year, our least competent employee (the one whose pieces I was mainly picking up) left, and was replaced by someone somehow even less competent. That was trying, but whatever. Then, a few months ago, that person left and was replaced by someone even less competent. And so my Sunday morning routine, while still taking roughly the same amount of time to deal with, is suddenly much more mentally exhausting, as I try to piece together exactly how a few hundred dollars in sales was miscalculated over the past two days. Every. Single. Week.

This has made it a lot harder to write. It sounds like a minor thing that I should probably suck up, but it's amazing how an hour of investigating the extent of someone else's idiocy makes it hard to shift gears and be productive and witty.

I'll try to be better at it.

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