we call it riding the gravy train

Bonus Pink Floyd reference: there's a wall behind them.
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Desi is a character I don't use much. I think she's appeared once in this incarnation of BDK, and I'm not sure I even mentioned her name at that time. She just rarely comes up. So looking at her fresh when I drew this, I realized that she might kind of look like a racist caricature. That's not the intention I simply figured the best way to draw lines on a black background (her face) would be to draw said lines in white. I actually ended up using a thinner line width for her nose and mouth than I do for most other lines, because it looked real bad when I used the standard width. It didn't look like innocently inverted lines, it looked like ridiculously thick white lips. I dunno. I might have to rethink my use of this character entirely.

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