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So here's a weird thing. I was recently looking through the old archive of a webcomic that is... let's call it "okay." Very hit or miss. You could sort of see where it peaked, and where the quality started to drop off as it lost its way and became a bit complacent. I won't say which webcomic it is, but I'll confirm that it wasn't Penny Arcade; my thoughts on that are well-documented.

Anyway, it was in the midst of this that I draw the last few BDK comics, and I noticed that it wasn't going well. I just chalked it up to a couple of off days. These happen. I've learned to accept them, and push through them.

But then I refreshed myself on what I consider to be a very good webcomic, specifically Back. And with that comic fresh in my mind, I wrote tomorrow's comic and drew today's and tomorrow's, and felt pretty good about them! So now I'm wondering if the comics I'm exposed to have some kind of subconscious effect on my perception of my own. Like if I look at good comics, I think mine are good.

It's an interesting theory. And if it's true, any cartoonists reading this should probably stop looking at BDK.

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