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Lucy just can't be happy.
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This is a true story, though maybe not the way you think.

I was watching women's beach volleyball, and feeling rather uncomfortable at how little the ladies were wearing after having watched the men and the parkas that made up their uniforms. So I looked up the Wikipedia page on beach volleyball to see if I could find some uniform guidelines, and basically found the information in this comic. Naturally, once I learned that there was a perceived greater emphasis on tits n' ass, I turned my curious, feminist eye toward how the shots from the cameras were being lined up.

Now, I was watching the feed on the CBC's website, and I'm not sure where they were getting their footage from (I suspect it's Australian). But what I noticed was that the direction was going out of its way to avoid shots of boobs and butts. Like... as soon as a camera panned a little too far down, or a woman bent enough to show some cleavage, the shot would immediately transition to something else. Like someone in a production truck went, "Ah! No! Breasts!" and slammed a slider. It made me feel a little better.

I still find the size of those bikinis questionable, but hey, I'm not a woman, and I enjoy neither being outside, nor summer heat, nor strenuous activity. In the harsh Canadian summer, when my bedroom approaches 30 degrees, I tend to just wear some threadbare boxers (if that), and all I'm doing is sitting on my ass.. So I get it. If bikinis are what they want to wear because it provides maximum comfort as they're flailing around in hot sand under a tropical sun, I can't really fault them. I just hope no one's pressuring them.

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