Remember that part in Titanic where the old lady is flashing back to banging Leonardo DiCaprio and all the people listening are
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One of the problems with the layout I use for BDK is that it's very hard to fit more than two characters into a typical panel. I'm aware of that constraint, and sometimes it forces me to get creative. I can use wider panels and play with the way they're laid out on the page, or I can do something completely different with my idea.

Originally, this comic was a flashback depiction of the conversation Lucy is relaying, with Lydia saying something like her part here in the end and Lucy being sheepish about it. But it kinda turned into a mess when I had to draw all three characters sandwiched together. So I re-thought the whole concept and came up with this one, which basically tells the same joke, but in what I feel is a more impactful way.

I love it when a plan falls apart but then a different, better one comes together.

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