That's a joke. Bisexual women are welcome at La Niche.
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I think this comic illustrates one of the philosophies I have about BDK: I want it to be positive. I could introduce drama involving some parent being unsupportive of their LGBT daughter, but where's the fun in that? I'm sure those characters exist somewhere in New Talia, but they're probably not worth exploring in the comics.

Chris Paulsen always talks about his comic to people that way at conventions. I can't remember the exact words he uses, but he basically likes the idea of Precocious just giving people a bit of pleasure each day. I can get on board with that idea. It's not like BDK is a story-heavy comic where adversity has to happen, anyway. Those totally have their place; I mean, Bittersweet Candy Bowl is awesome. But that's not what BDK is.

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