break time

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As you may know if you've been paying attention to this thing or my Twitter thing, my work has recently undergone a bit of an upheaval. It's a good thing for me; I'm in a higher position making more money in a job that has opportunities for advancement. However, the transition has been... well, an upheaval. I haven't had a full weekend since mid-September, and my workdays have been spent learning an entirely new computer system from scratch. My schedule has also changed, and one of the casualties is the time I had previously set aside for scripting BDK. I mean, I can and will find new time to script BDK, but that time has not yet presented itself. It's all been building and building to the point where I have to just say, "Hang on a second." And since today is a holiday in Canada, I'm going to take this week to reset myself, get ahead on some scripting, and come back fresh next week.

So yeah, happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends.

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