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The other night, I was listening to this baseball game via Internet radio. It was the Big Game, where a championship was about to be decided. I don't generally care that much about baseball outside of watching Kolten Wong flail between bases when I'm hiding from furries in a hotel room with Chris Paulsen, but it seems that one of the teams involved here hadn't won the Big Game since like 1907 or 9 or something. And the other team was one of those teams that had a racist name but was doing the thing where they were like, "No no, we're honoring them and also it's history!" So I became invested in the Chicago Bears, and it made the game really exciting! Also, it was a genuinely exciting baseball game, which I know sounds like an oxymoron, but it somehow happened.

Long story short, the Bears won and I also won the Lost run I was doing in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth at the same time, so everyone was happy. Except the Vancouver Canucks, who lost their sixth straight game and seem to be on pace for their own 108-year championship void.

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