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Have any ducks in sports ever had success?
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By total coincidence, I decided to open the door to an eSports story just as Blizzcon started. And since I had some free time Friday morning, I watched their opening presentation. Though I mainly tweet about The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, you should also know that I have a deep love for Diablo III. Like any rational person, I fell off soon after it was initially released, but fell back on hard when its expansion, Reaper of Souls, and its accompanying patch were added. I have a level 70 character of all six classes now, and recently started my first ever hardcore character. Anyway, I was curious to see what they had planned for the future of that game. It turns out that they're planning to start selling new classes, starting with the Necromancer, and I am completely on board with this decision.

But one thing that caught me off guard as I watched the keynote was how interested I was in the Overwatch League.

I have never cared about eSports, since in my mind, that term is synonymous with MOBAs (specifically Dota 2), which is a genre of game I have no interest in. But I find it a lot of fun to watch people play Overwatch. And something about the way they seem to be planning this league - city-based teams with owners and managers, drafting players and signing them to contracts, playing on a regular schedule... I mean, if there might one day be a Vancouver Overwatch team that I could follow, I have to admit that I would probably seek out some streams.

Anyway, it's made me think a lot more about eSports than I have... possibly ever, which is timely.

(By the way, writing this comic led to me finding the Wikipedia page for the duck test, and that's a page worth looking at.)

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