tempting fate

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So I wrote this comic on Sunday, and to do my proper research, I looked up haggis on Wikipedia. The article mentioned that it was part of a traditional Burns supper in Scotland, which I kind of glossed over. I got the impression from the article that haggis was something that is eaten in Scotland year-round, which is one of the things I wanted to make sure of.

It was only later - and I don't remember how it came up - that I learned that a Burns supper is traditionally eaten on Burns Night, and that Burns Night was January 25th, which is to say yesterday, which is to say right in the middle of this chunk of the story. I briefly considered moving around comics so that this one was posted on the 25th and trying to rework dialog so that it mentioned being Burns Night, but it got a little inelegant. So let's just accept that the timing is still remarkably perfect for something I didn't plan.

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