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I am not a good artist. I have just enough skill to draw my own stuff, very specifically I am unable to draw anything else. And I know that I have such limitations, and try to work within them. I also know when I shouldn't be drawing.

Oftentimes, I'll sit down to draw a BDK, and I'll immediately be able to tell that it's not going to work. That for whatever reason, I just won't be able to draw the comic passably. This usually happens early enough that I'll be able to set it aside and work on it later, but sometimes I bump up against a deadline. That's what happened with today's comic. The whole time I was drawing it, it didn't feel right. But I had to get it done, and the result is one of the worst-drawn comics I've produced in years.

I try not to complain about how I've done BDK, and I'm looking at this more as a fascinating peek at what happens when I push myself beyond what my brain knows it's capable of. Oh, I know I can draw good stuff. I think I'm pretty happy with the majority of BDK over the last year at least. This is a "I shouldn't have been drawing when I drew this, and it shows" comic.

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