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I was at a convention in 2002 (I think it was 2002), and I remember this guy walking around the dealer's room with his laptop open, playing Badger Badger Badger. Just casually sauntering around, making sure everyone at all the tables had ample opportunity to see it. It was as if he was providing a great service, making sure that no one had to survive 72 consecutive hours in the blighted industrial hellscape of Tacoma, Washington without access to that dumb meme. Even if the audio on that thing gets increasingly out of sync the longer it plays, surely an imperfect experience is better than no badgers at all, right? Why, with no badgers, the living would envy the dead and the not-in-Tacoma.

Motherfucker, if you somehow have wi-fi in 2002, at least let me watch Strong Bad check his email.

(Actually, I kind of remember wondering how he had that thing on his laptop. I guess he went to the effort of downloading the .swf file and was playing it raw? That's a level of dedication that, while misguided, is impressive.)

(Also I always preferred Scampi.)

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