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I dunno, I think I've made pretty clear by now that my work schedule is a mess. And it's become extra-messy this week, with one employee on vacation and another booking several days off, plus a third putting in her two-weeks notice, which means things are gonna get even <i>crazier</i> in two weeks. I'm doing a six-day week this week, with shifts outside the time I normally tend to work, so I'm going to set BDK aside until later. Hopefully, I'll have some time to do some proper scripting toward the end of this week, and if the schedule allows it, I can do some comics next week? Man, I did not foresee my work life evolving in such a manner when I relaunched BDK back in 2014. I figured it'd be easy to keep it going, and it would have been if things had stayed the same. But I'm making more money, so I'm not complaining. Please don't complain, either.

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