While the gems are together, their magic is perfectly balanced, and no unusual concentrations of elemental energy can be detected through magical means; they can only be detected once they have been seperated. The Order Temple's emergency plan is to use the air gem to summon the Four Winds to take the gems to different places, then inform the High Priest/Priestess of what happened so that arcane magic can be used to locate the gems and recover them. If the gems were taken away as a group, no one would ever be likely to find them again, including their own Elaynian custodians. So Zhana is happy here because she knows that the gems are not together in evil hands. The drawback to this plan is that there is a time limit, as prolonged seperation of the gems will, of course, destroy the world. And, of course, an enemy could use their own magic to locate the gems as well. It isn't a great plan, but it's the plan laid down by early Elaynian clerics, and modern Elaynians don't change their ways easily.

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